Canyon Lake Fine Arts Guild

"Providing enjoyable music to our community
and complimentary programs that promote quality entertainment."

Holiday Harbor Park

"Jimmy Buffett" Tribute

Was June 29th  

6pm Picnic in the Park

The Board of the Canyon Lake Fine Arts Guild thanks the capacity crowd for your support and participation!

The music is courtesy of The Canyon Lake Fine Arts Guild in appreciation for the community's long time support for our events.

         (Photo above by Jim Lafferty) 

Due to amphitheater terracing, low beach chairs or high back camping chairs are both acceptable. Just be courteous to other attendees.

It's Only Rock & Roll!

Free! "Rolling Stones" Tribute Concert! Free!


** August 10, 2019 **

6pm: Picnic in the Park with "Southern Reign Band"

8pm: Rolling Stones Tribute Concert

Holiday Harbor Amphitheater

22180 Village Way Drive

Canyon Lake, CA 92587

6pm: Picnic in the Park: (4) food trucks, snack bar or bring your own. 

         "Southern Reign Band" will be playing for your listening pleasure.

8pm: "Jumping Jack Flash" will be rocking tunes by "The Rolling Stones." 

         This group appeared at the lake with "Beatles vs Stones" 3 years ago.          

Sponsored by: 

The Canyon Lake Fine Arts Guild

Amphitheater: This new venue has been completed and bands are rocking the house! The Guild's proposal for this venue and donation of $25,000 is paying off with dancing, toe tapping and smiles on everyone's faces! Come join the fun to close out the summer in style!

Seating: To optimize view and space, attendees may bring a beach towel or blanket (no canopies/umbrellas), low-lying beach chair or high back camping chair. Boats may anchor in lake behind stage area (please do not block boat launch). Special seating (chairs and wheelchair spaces) will be available to those needing special assistance as well as Guild Patrons and Sponsors. All seating is subject to availability. More details to follow.

Parking lot will be restricted to golf carts and handicapped. Arrive early, as most parking will be in the nearby streets. The auxiliary parking lot at the end of Village Way Dr (off Loc Lomond Dr) will be open and shuttle buses will be operating

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"So long as the human spirit thrives on this planet, music in some form 

will accompany and sustain it and give it expressive meaning."  Aaron Copland